A 90 day digital coaching program based on John C. Maxwell's favourite leadership resources

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  • What is The Successful Leader

    The Successful Leader is a 90 day results program designed to give you the tools you need to experience the most fulfilling life possible. You have gifts, no doubt, things you’re passionate about and stories you want to tell someday about your life. With practical teaching from Dr. John C. Maxwell, you’ll discover how you can take your purpose and turn it into a life of significance. The things you want most in your life are on the other side of discovering your significance.


    – Short videos introduce you to new leadership concepts

    – Interactive online exercises relate concepts to your unique goals and challenges

    – Downloadable guides, slides and notes

    – Lifetime access to all lessons and notes

  • You'll Experience

    – An opportunity to put actions behind your dreams

    – A guide to teach you how to get what you want most

    – Permission to pursue what you’re passionate about

    – Wisdom to help you navigate the challenges you’ll face as you pursue your purpose

    – Transformation from standard living to significant living

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“Everyone should invest time in their personal and professional growth. This platform is the right place to do this. I learnt specific strategies, which I applied immediately and which had a huge impact on my professional growth.”

George Szabo

George Szabo

“Taking part in this mastermind group added clarity to both my personal and professional life. This collaboration allowed me to give a higher importance to those who add the most value to my life and to use my time (my scarcest resource) with higher significance.”

Denisa Obreja

Denisa Obreja
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